$465 Shipped!!! Champion Mini Frame, Fork, Decals, Bullseye BB, SST Dirt Skirt, & Headset!!! Of the 4 Champion Minis I've seen(and that is all I've seen in all my years of collecting), this is the ONLY one with 1" Tubing...which means it will accept a Champion Seatpost! This is also the ONLY Champion Mini I've seen that is stamped "CHAMPION" under the BB. It says "CHAMPION RT-THD" followed by "G700095", and then "RIDER 50 LB MAX". This is the longest and has the thickest tubing of any Champion Mini I've ever seen, so I can't imagine what the Max Weight was on the other Champion Minis! And as I said, this is Champion Mini Frame #G700095(which I am almost positive is the equivalent of #00095). The other 3 I've seen were numbered #00027; #00045; and #00084. I think they just added the G7 as a date code, and I think it might mean July of '82. And as you noticed, I've never seen one with a Serial# over 95, so they couldn't have made too many of them. And one of the coolest things is of the 4 I've seen, there were 3 different versions! Only 2 were alike--and this wasn't one of them. They made so many changes over such a short span that for all I know this could be a one-off, and numbers #94 & #96 could be completely different versions. See, the weird thing is the 2 that were alike were numbers #27 and #84, but #45 was different than all of them, which how could #27 and #84 be alike and #45 in the middle of them be different?! And all of them had identical Forks, but I have a lone Champion Mini Fork that is different from them. I'm just saying they didn't have a set design. This Frame Set is obviously nice enough to build just like it is, but I left the Decals off of it just in case the buyer decides they want to refinish it and build a MINT/NOS Show bike. The only imperfection I see on it is these 2 tiny little dents going across the front of the Fork legs. You can see them in pic#6, and I drew arrows pointing them out, because they really are tiny.